During the Utah trip last week, VJ, Kristian, Mandy, and I made a quick trip to Marioland on Friday. We weren’t there for long but I somehow managed to send Toadstool (V5). We spent Saturday late morning/early afternoon at Moe’s on Hong Kong and Huntsman. Kristian was able to send Hong Kong (V4), and we both made progress on Huntsman. Rushed these edits (copy/paste settings in LR) so they’re a bit dramatic – I just don’t have the time to process them well.


Took a extended weekend trip to St. George, Southern Utah, with Kristian, Amanda, Pru, VJ, Daryl, Michelle, and Steve this past weekend.  We took a similar trip last year, but this time we rented a house just North of Moe’s Valley in Washington.  It’s a great way to start the climbing season and something I hope will become a tradition. 
On the way back home Sunday late morning, Amanda had the idea to stop by the Valley of Fire state park in Nevada.  We went on a few short hikes to some scenic lookouts – the rock formations and colors were cool and I like photographing them against a deep blue sky; sandstone has some very unique features. Went really deep in the contrast on these.

October RR


I decided late Saturday night to drive over to Red Rocks to send Pork Chop and attempt Tied To The Whipping Post (V6) after seeing Amanda’s beta. I ended up sleeping off of some road outside Baker because I was so tired. I woke up late, around 9am, and drove the rest of the way to the Kraft Mountain trailhead. I warmed up on some rocks along the path, got to Gateway Canyon, and sent Pork Chop on my second attempt; not sure why, but I was feeling strong. Strange because I slept so poorly and was super tired. On the way back to Kraft, I met up with a couple visiting from Colorado (Craig and Kelsey), and a few other locals. We took turns on TTTWP for a few hours until around 530PM I figured I should start heading back.


I camped at red rocks campground just down the road from the trailhead.  I made beef stew for dinner and went to bed early, but had trouble sleeping.  5 am came fast, but figured an alpine start would help me beat the heat.  I packed up the truck after making some coffee and drove to the trailhead; my main goal was to get back to pork chop in gateway canyon to send the v3 on the other side of the v2 I had sent the day before.  unfortunately the skin on my right hand was toast before I could finish the beta; I was close though after passing the crux, but my fingers just weren’t up for it.  next time for sure.
Since my day at the crag was cut short, I asked a friend familiar with the area for a recommendation on a trail.  she mentioned fletcher canyon by mt. charleston, so I headed there.  The trailhead was just about 6,800 feet.  I ended up trail running the route for just shy of 5 miles round trip.  It was nice, and unexpected for nevada.


I decided to drive up to nevada this week to explore red rocks. The first day I explored the Kraft area for about 6 hours. I arrived around 1230 and it was still pretty warm out (mid 90’s) – luckily quite a few of the rocks had a variety of north facing routes that were shaded in the afternoon. I was there until sunset and became very familiar with the area completing most of the v0-v2 on the rocks. Took it easy as I was going to be there for a few days; my skin was not ready. I realized I lost a lot of strength in not climbing for the past 6 months. The self photos were timed interval shots.


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‘Surely from time to time, for its vestiges never depart, it floats through our atmosphere.’
We ventured up the 395 to Lone Pine this past holiday weekend to explore some bouldering routes West of Rovana near Pine Creek.  We initially wanted to go a little further North around Mammoth area but due to the Creek Fire we were limited in how far we could safely go.  We camped across the road at Pleasant by the reservoir on Sunday night and then headed to Alabama Hills for some sport climbing.  The fire season this year has been among the worst California has seen, and it was somewhat surreal to be able to climb in a landscape that was painted in such a brightly de-saturated orange hue. All photos taken with my Fuji X100T